Saturday, May 27, 2017

On the outside you're ablaze and alive, but you're Dead Inside!

Track: Dead Inside
Artist: Muse
Album: Drones
Year: 2015
Genre: Electronic Rock

"I'm back."

Okay, gotta admit, Arnie does it much better than me, probably always will. But yeah, I'm back with a new recommendation. A track that will probably receive much wider acceptance that some of the stuff I usually listen to. This is a perfect marriage between synth/electronic elements on a foundation of rock.

The way I look at songs, each one has a distinct personality. Sometimes it is the resultant of the personalities of its creators, sometimes it is something totally different. Sometimes the instruments or the vocals can display arrogance, pain, anger, conflict while sometimes it is as opaque as the Trump administration.

This is how I characterize Dead Inside - uber-sophisticated, urban, industrial, persistent and repressed. The drums are persistent, the vocals exhibit pain, while the synth-guitar expresses moments of lapse into the eccentric.

I always like it when this track pops up on my playlist, as Matt Bellamy's unique voice smooths all the wrinkles from the previous songs and brings me into the world of over-produced music from my usual fare of unfiltered rock.

The lyrics are pretty interesting. How often have you seen a person live, what you think, is the fucking perfect life? Someone who visits amazing places, eats exotic food, hangs out with beautiful people, has the funniest stories. They do look ablaze with life and happy on the outside, but do you really know their internal struggle? Maybe all that glitters is not gold, and all that flitters is not a butterfly. Maybe they are Dead Inside.