Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hold on, hold on! We're barely alive

Track: Torn In Two
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Ember
Year: 2018
Genre: Hard Rock

Well, let's not pretend. Ember was every inch the quintessential Breaking Benjamin record. We've all heard those progressions, vocal tricks and heavy riffs before. But hey, I guess if that's what the diehards want, who am I to complain?

Though nothing revolutionary, this album has several massive sounding anthems like Red Cold River, Feed The Wolf & Blood, and the ballad, Dark Of You. But I really recommend the track that should be auto-playing on this page now, if everything is working the way it should. Hah!

It has the signature BB sound, but it has a distinctive flavor of its own- the vocal harmonies, the rare two-part guitar riff that breaks up the monotony and the heavy as s#!t outro with the double bass pounding. Good times!

And as they keep telling us fans through social media, let's show the world that Rock is not dead.