Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'm All The Way Up & Nothing Can Stop Me

Track: All The Way Up
Artist: Fat Joe, Remy Ma ft. French Montana
Year: 2016
Genre: Hip Hop

I owe UV my thanks for introducing me to this song during one of our countless wanderings in and around San Jose, rocking some tunes in the car. This track is perfect for your morning dose of motivation, more potent than that dark liquid 'Starbucks Lovers' (yeah yeah, I know Taylor Swift didn't say that) swear by.

Say something frequently enough and it starts sounding true. Sing along - "I'm all the way up! And nothing can stop me". Say it again. And again. See? Don't you feel powerful, with the world at your feet, ready to tackle any challenge in your way and ready to take all the credit for it? That's what I'm talking about.

As my taste in Hip Hop is still underdeveloped, I really don't give a second thought to the self praise and hedonistic, misogynistic lyrics that complete this song. But the hook makes it all worth it.

So brush off that laziness, go get something productive done in this Vine of a life. And for all your haters, and anyone that tries to bring you down, can you even hear them? 'Cause you're all the way up! And nothing can stop you.