Monday, January 22, 2018

There doesn't seem to be time for me to be polite

Track: Sucker For The Chemistry
Artist: Ghostfeeder
Album: World Fameless
Year: 2016
Genre: Electro/SynthRock

On a typical San Francisco evening (read cool and cloudy, haha), three friends meet at a nondescript club in SoMa for an evening of alternative and electronic rock. We enter the first level of this club, which is an unpretentious pizza & wings place. As we order and settle down at a table, I look at the walls stuffed and crammed with flyers and posters of electronic acts that have performed at this venue in the past.

I gain quite a bit of respect for DNA Lounge. It seems to be a faithful and scrappy supporter of underground, electronic music. As we begin devouring our first slices, a strong bass and drum rhythm resonates from the ceiling, walls and the exposed pipes in this industrially styled place. "These are probably the opening acts", we figure. "Still some time for Julien-K to come on".

The beat just gets stronger. It gets better. I really want to check the artist out. I finish stuffing my face and urge my companions to do the same. We rush upstairs, and are greeted with a dark, half empty room. At one end, there are a couple of guys on a self-fashioned stage making amazing electronic music, coupled with guitars. I instantly think these guys will one day be bigger, they will command a far larger audience than this.

They were Ghostfeeder, and the song they had just started was Sucker For The Chemistry. I don't know, maybe it was the chemistry between the different musical elements that sucked me in. The resilient beat impeccably supports the vocals and the electronic elements as we flow into a standard verse, pre-chorus and chorus structure. This song just works. It's just exciting to listen to and gets you pumped up. It was a great start to what would become a memorable evening.

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