Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bartender, can you pour some love?

Track: Bartender
Artist: James Blunt
Album: Afterlove
Year: 2017
Genre: Pop

The only guy who told you that you were beautiful, apart from your mother- yeah he's back. And how! 'Afterlove' is a stellar album with as many as 6 catchy tracks. I had an exceptionally hard time deciding which song to showcase here on my blog. Because you know, with great power comes responsibility. Just kidding. But yeah, a sincere thanks to the 30-40 friends that do read every blog post of mine. You keep me writing. Leave a comment about the song sometimes, I'd love to have a chat about it.

'California' came really close to be featured in this space, 'Over' fought tooth and nail, 'Heartbeat' made me do a double take- but enough is enough. 'Bartender' is what I'll talk about today. This song starts off with acoustic guitar and vocals eerily reminiscent of Ed Sheeranesque music. Funny they are signed to the same record label (Hint Hint!). It's heartening to see that James Blunt has adapted to the 2017 music scene in his own unique way to stay relevant.

I hope this song makes you go back and listen to the entire album. On a surprisingly chilly night in the dawn of Spring, you are under the sheets in your bed. You are not sleepy, you have a million thoughts racing in that head of yours. You remember playing the radio at night when you were a kid. The radio used to shut off automatically after an hour, but by that time you would be peacefully asleep. This is the album that will give you the same feels. Them feels *shudders*.

There's nothing significantly different about the lyrics of this song than the thousands that came before it in this genre, but it is the way Blunt renders them in his hooks is what has me hooked. In The End, it doesn't even matter what you think, I am proud of that pun. Coming back to the point, it's about forgetting the past over drinks and being happily ever after. Dancing, and going back to his or her place after last call. I absolutely love how Blunt sings the hook-

"Bartender, can you pour some love?"

It makes me think about how fun this song would be while driving on the Pacific Coast highway, as the sun makes the ocean golden during your winding drive in a convertible. A drone with an HD camera follows you and as you drive into the distance, pans up to capture the sunset in all it's glory.