Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oh Maynard, you crazy genius!

Track: Judith
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: Mer De Noms
Year: 2000
Genre: Alternative Rock

Wow, this hiatus was a long one! (Not as long as Tool's or A Perfect Circle's, haha! Burn? Nope, probably not. Our loss. Crie).

I am so glad I decided to attend the Aftershock 2017 festival in Sacramento, California. A bunch of new bands to explore, and a pleasant reintroduction to some old acquaintances. And if there was one smashing reintroduction, it has to be the one with A Perfect Circle.

I daresay they upstaged the headliners, who were none other than Nine Inch Nails. The lighting was on point, the instrument mix was perfect, and what do I say about Maynard James Keenan?! His unique style and unsettling vocals were the highlight.

So, with the sole intention of writing about this experience and this band, I had my pick of any of their hits for this blog post. 'Passive' is an old favorite and the lyrics from 'The Noose' are breathtaking, but 'Judith' is what I'll write about today. It is probably their most popular song.

You may be a cool person, but you can never be tie-your-hair-into-a-bun-between-verses cool. Paz, on bass, completely rocks that part to perfection, to be ready just in time to start playing again. Check that out at around 1:56 in the video.

As Billy nonchalantly picks up the guitar slide to play a memorable lick, and Freese continues to murder the drums, Maynard takes a sip of water and sings about his mother's relentless faith in God even after being paralyzed, eventually for 10,000 days before passing away. I've got to give props to David Fincher, the director of this video. Yup, the same guy who directed Fight Club. It just exudes class.